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Our 2022 Warrior:

(to the LBC community about this years Warrior)

My name is Shelby Taylor. My husband, Allen and I, have 3 wonderful kids; two boys ages 13 and 26 and our daughter, 22. In January I found a lump on my right breast. A mammogram and ultrasound followed.  The results I received from Dr. Mangorie would change my life.  I had breast cancer. My family and I tried to process this information together all while grieving the death of my very special grandmother.

After a couple weeks I got called to go for an MRI; to ensure there was only one lump. Unsettlingly after a week, I received the news that there was another lump. Regardless of the bad news, I know my guardian angel has been with me the entire time. It came time to make the decision to wait yet again and have a biopsy done on the new lump or have a double mastectomy.

The choice was mine.

On April 13th I had a double mastectomy with nipple spearing and expanders put in for reconstruct on my breast.  This is very uncomfortable and painful, but I am fighting through it. I have a few more steps and another surgery to go through. I'm still not in the clear as the next surgery will determine a lot. I chose not to have chemotherapy nor radiation. Thank God, we caught it early, but I will have to take medication for the next 10 years, so it does not return. 

I'm very thankful to be the 2022 Lick Breast Cancer Warrior! Thank you ALL!

- Shelby Taylor -

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