Our 2021 Warrior:

(to the LBC community about this years Warrior)

My name is Christine Wood. I am a proud wife to my supporting husband, Chad, of 12 years. We are a blended family where DNA does not define us!

I am a mother to three boys; ages 33, 21 and 19 and one girl who is 28. I am also thankful to be a Grammie to two beautiful girls, 9 and 2 years old. After having missed my yearly mammogram in 2019 due to elbow surgery and in 2020 due to the pandemic; I was able to have one done on April 15 of this year. One week later, April 23rd, I was scheduled for another mammogram and ultrasound as they found two suspicious lumps in my right breast. A core needle biopsy was done the same day. The following Monday I received the call no one ever wants to get.

It's Cancer....

I opted to have a double mastectomy instead of just having one removed as a preventative. A short month later, May 21st, I underwent surgery with immediate reconstruction and nipple sparing. I was however taken back to the operating room on June 1st for a right nipple excision as the biopsy showed that the cancer cells had reached the right nipple and one lymph node. After obtaining a second opinion before proceeding with chemo it was determined that radiation would not be enough to kill the aggressive cancer. Chemo began on July 27th for the first round which will be 4 doses over the course of 8 weeks with the possibility of 12 more weekly doses of Taxol. Time will tell but for now radiation treatments will be 5 days a week for 3 weeks after completion of chemo.


I am inspired to be the 2021 LBC Warrior and honored to stand alongside all the many survivors and supporters attending this years

“8Th Wonder Lick Breast Cancer Music Fest & Ice Cream Social”.

Thank you all in advance for your support during this fight

-Christine Wood-

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