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Our 2023 Warrior:
Shannon McClean

(to the LBC community about this years Warrior)

Shannon was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2016. She spent her career as hair stylist for 35 years and regrettably had to stop taking clients because chemotherapy made it too difficult for her to work. Thankfully, Shannon has an amazing support system!  Her devoted husband of more than thirty years, Billy Mac, has been by her side during this fight. As well as her sons, daughters-in-law, her 5 gorgeous grandchildren, and beautiful sisters. She also has amazing friends and extended family that have encouraged her throughout her diagnosis and treatments. And of course, Shannon's constant companions, Xena, Zephyr, and Xiggy; her precious puppies that continue to love her unconditionally!

Thus far, Shannon has courageously endured a double mastectomy, reconstruction, and many other invasive surgeries and procedures over the past 3 years. In 2018, she was diagnosed with NEAD (No Evidence of Active Disease). Since Metastatic Breast Cancer is not curable, NEAD is the best diagnosis you could hope for.


Then in March 2023, just 3-short months ago, the cancer painfully woke up in her bones. Last month, she was given the horrible news that the cancer has progressed even further so her treatments that she will continue for the rest of her life will now be so much more aggressive, costly and time consuming.

Shannon creates and sells different art pieces to try to supplement her disease, but this does not come close to being enough. Her co-pays are expensive despite being on WellCare & SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). Please help our Warrior, Shannon, in any way you can. We need donations of baskets, gift cards, gift certificates, items for baskets, or any support on the day of the benefit. Let’s raise some money to help with this fight so Shannon and her family do not have to worry about the financial stresses. She is a warrior and needs to concentrate only on her health!

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